Education, Education, Education

On Thursday 12th March we were lucky enough to meet Lord Andrew Adonis, former Education minister. In Sociology we are currently studying the Sociology of Education, including how government affects education so Mr Coward thought that this would be an excellent opportunity for us.

We left Tottenham and travelled by public transport to central London. Going to the heart of Westminster was one thing but meeting Andrew Adonis was something else! Lord Adonis was very welcoming, inspiring and actually quite funny.

Lord Adonis discussed the challenges in education when Labour came to power in 1997 and the steps taken by government to improve education, including investment in schools, Sure Start, Teach First and London Challenge. He said he was encouraged by the great progress made by London schools, including Northumberland Park, but that our education system would still benefit from more funding.

Lord Adonis asked our opinion of Academy Schools, private education, and whether schools should have sixth forms. As a class we were generally quite positive about academies and sixth forms and had an interesting discussion about the role of private schools in a free society.

The trip was lovely and Lord Adonis has invited us to return next year for a seminar on social inequality so we must have been well behaved (Mr Coward and Mrs O’Connor agree!).

By Meltem and Zubaydah – Year 10

The Magee Secondary School Concert at NPCS

On Friday 6th March, The Magee Secondary School Ensemble performed a series of orchestral and choral pieces to our Year 7 students in the theatre. Hailing from Canada, the accomplished musicians delivered an inspiring set of performances that gripped NPCS students and staff from start to finish.IMG_7832 (1)

Recep Alici: “I really liked the singing, it was amazing! They really projected their voices so the audience could hear everything.”

Diana Morar: “It was fantastic, I enjoyed it a lot. The singing was really in tune and in time with each other. It was good to see and hear all the instruments live.”

IMG_7835 (1)

Saed Osman: “The concert was marvellous. I enjoyed all the instruments and the music. It has inspired me to learn an instrument.”

Nick Akrap – Vice Principle, Magee Secondary School: “Thank you for being wonderful hosts. Our students had a wonderful experience at your school!!”

If you are interested in starting instrumental lessons or getting involved in a music club at the school, please see Mr Blair for more information.



Mr Blair

World Book Day 5th March 2015

Oompa Loompas
IMG_1371From Middle Earth to Wonderland to Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, NPCS staff and students celebrated World Book Day by dressing up as characters from books and having lots of fun in the process.
What characters can you spot?
Happy World Book Day everyone!
Staff WBD 2015

Year 9 Team: Indoor Athletics Haringey Borough Champions

On the 2nd February, our school entered the indoor athletics championships. We had a very good evening being represented by our boys and girls in year 8, 9 and 10. Our year 11 GCSE students officiated the event and our teams participated to a very high standard. As a result, we as a school are ‘Indoor Athletics Haringey Borough Champions for Year 9 boys’.

Congratulations to the following students:

Teddy (9S) – 2nd in hurdles and 1st in shot.

Daniel (9S) – 2nd in 200m.

Rashaan (9G) – 3rd/6 in 60m and last in high jump.

J’ardell (9G) – 6th/7 in 800m.

Sha’mar – long jump


Publication of Performance Tables

In August 2014 the school was proud to announce a ‘record breaking’ set of GCSE results; these outcomes have subsequently been affirmed by an Ofsted/DfE document entitled ‘Raiseonline’.

Unfortunately the Performance Tables published today by the Department for Education (DfE) are incomplete because they do not include the outstanding grades achieved by many of our students in June 2014.

The actual results, which include exams taken in June 2014, are as follows:

% 5+ A*-C
inc. English and Maths
% A*-C
English and Maths
Making expected progress in English

Making expected progress in Maths

Actual Results


57 76


Published Results (incomplete)


(42) (61)