SHINE Graduation 2015

SHINE Class of 2015 graduated on Saturday 16th May. The students were rewarded for their hard work and commitment to the programme. A total of 58 students graduated, with 13 students achieving 100% attendance. We were most fortunate to have Pip Wilford, Head of Fundraising at SHINE, presenting the certificates and commented,

I really enjoyed the graduation & I am so grateful that I could be involved in such a great day. It was so good to hear about all you’ve been doing in the SHINE programme this year and the kids should all be really proud of themselves“.



The ceremony included presentations from the students and concluded with the SHINE Band and Choir performing ‘Lean on Me’ by Bill Withers.

We were very pleased to welcome governors, staff and parents to our event. Thanks to our wonderful SHINE Catering team over 200 guests enjoyed a delicious BBQ, and thankfully the weather was very kind to us.


I would personally like to thank both staff and students who have worked so hard to make our SHINE Saturday School such a tremendous success.



The good news is that SHINE Saturday School will resume for our new Year 7 students on Saturday 19th September 2015.



Check out our video below to see what fun activities the students got up to this academic year.

Mrs D Liversidge

Haringey May half term Bikeability Courses – Finsbury Park & Lordship Rec



Times of courses
AM  9:30 – 11:30
PM   12:00 – 14:00


Finsbury Park
Ball Games Area, Finsbury Park, Endymion Road N4

26th – 29th May AM
26th – 29th May PM


Lordship Rec
Model Traffic Area, Lordship Rec, Lordship Lane, London N17

26th – 29th May AM
26th – 29th May PM

Online Booking form

Download Booking Pack

For details please email
or call 0845 652 0421

NPCS Mock General Election 2015

We had a mock General Election in line with the National Election.

The aim of the election was to get students to actively think about voting and the electoral process and to be aware of British Values:

  • Democracy
  • The rule of law
  • Individual liberty
  • Mutual respect
  • Tolerance

6 candidates successfully presented their manifestos in assemblies to students and staff.

The 6 candidates were:

Mariam Akintunde: The Tomorrow Party

Anthea Arinze: The Vision Party

Souhail Faarah: The Motivate Party

Flogerta Micaj: The Aspire Party

Abdi Salad: The Progress Party

Yuvraj Singh: The Transform Party

Students and staff successfully used their right to vote on Thursday 7th May and the results were announced Friday 8th May at 10.00am.


We had Yuvraj come in 3rd place, Abdi in 2nd place and Flogerta came in 1st place.


A very well done to all candidates who did such a sterling job.

Mrs Adams and Ms Tuptuk

Music and the Mayor!

On Thursday 19th March, Joseph Nicholson-Porter was chosen to represent Northumberland Park Community School at the Mayors annual talent show.
The charity event was held at Tottenham Town Hall and was attended by a
host of celebrities and dignitaries.

IMG_7835 (1) (1)

Six thousand pounds was raised on the night and this will go to a host of charities including: Great Ormond Street Hospital, Highway Homeless Project, Noah’s Ark and Haringey’s Citizens Advice Bureau.

Joseph stated: “It was amazing, it was fantastic. The audience were great, I got a standing ovation and they clapped for so long I had to bow twice. I will never forget the experience for the rest of my life.”

_X5A7570 _X5A7383

The Music Department congratulates Joseph. He delivered an exceptional performance and gave a fine representation of the talent harnessed within the school. Well done!

Education, Education, Education

On Thursday 12th March we were lucky enough to meet Lord Andrew Adonis, former Education minister. In Sociology we are currently studying the Sociology of Education, including how government affects education so Mr Coward thought that this would be an excellent opportunity for us.

We left Tottenham and travelled by public transport to central London. Going to the heart of Westminster was one thing but meeting Andrew Adonis was something else! Lord Adonis was very welcoming, inspiring and actually quite funny.

Lord Adonis discussed the challenges in education when Labour came to power in 1997 and the steps taken by government to improve education, including investment in schools, Sure Start, Teach First and London Challenge. He said he was encouraged by the great progress made by London schools, including Northumberland Park, but that our education system would still benefit from more funding.

Lord Adonis asked our opinion of Academy Schools, private education, and whether schools should have sixth forms. As a class we were generally quite positive about academies and sixth forms and had an interesting discussion about the role of private schools in a free society.

The trip was lovely and Lord Adonis has invited us to return next year for a seminar on social inequality so we must have been well behaved (Mr Coward and Mrs O’Connor agree!).

By Meltem and Zubaydah – Year 10

The Magee Secondary School Concert at NPCS

On Friday 6th March, The Magee Secondary School Ensemble performed a series of orchestral and choral pieces to our Year 7 students in the theatre. Hailing from Canada, the accomplished musicians delivered an inspiring set of performances that gripped NPCS students and staff from start to finish.IMG_7832 (1)

Recep Alici: “I really liked the singing, it was amazing! They really projected their voices so the audience could hear everything.”

Diana Morar: “It was fantastic, I enjoyed it a lot. The singing was really in tune and in time with each other. It was good to see and hear all the instruments live.”

IMG_7835 (1)

Saed Osman: “The concert was marvellous. I enjoyed all the instruments and the music. It has inspired me to learn an instrument.”

Nick Akrap – Vice Principle, Magee Secondary School: “Thank you for being wonderful hosts. Our students had a wonderful experience at your school!!”

If you are interested in starting instrumental lessons or getting involved in a music club at the school, please see Mr Blair for more information.



Mr Blair