Year 9 Team: Indoor Athletics Haringey Borough Champions

On the 2nd February, our school entered the indoor athletics championships. We had a very good evening being represented by our boys and girls in year 8, 9 and 10. Our year 11 GCSE students officiated the event and our teams participated to a very high standard. As a result, we as a school are ‘Indoor Athletics Haringey Borough Champions for Year 9 boys’.

Congratulations to the following students:

Teddy (9S) – 2nd in hurdles and 1st in shot.

Daniel (9S) – 2nd in 200m.

Rashaan (9G) – 3rd/6 in 60m and last in high jump.

J’ardell (9G) – 6th/7 in 800m.

Sha’mar – long jump


Publication of Performance Tables

In August 2014 the school was proud to announce a ‘record breaking’ set of GCSE results; these outcomes have subsequently been affirmed by an Ofsted/DfE document entitled ‘Raiseonline’.

Unfortunately the Performance Tables published today by the Department for Education (DfE) are incomplete because they do not include the outstanding grades achieved by many of our students in June 2014.

The actual results, which include exams taken in June 2014, are as follows:

% 5+ A*-C
inc. English and Maths
% A*-C
English and Maths
Making expected progress in English

Making expected progress in Maths

Actual Results


57 76


Published Results (incomplete)


(42) (61)



Accelerated Reader Successes

After only a term year 7 have proved that they are up for the challenge of becoming millionaires! As a year group they have read over 16 million words, spread over 3,000 books.
20150114_135710The Accelerated Reader programme tests students at the start of the year and then at the end of each term. This reading test determines the level of book students should be reading and quizzing on. Once a student completes a book they take a short comprehension quiz on it. Success at quizzing should improve a student’s reading level.
Two lucky students were presented with Kindles in the end of year assembly: Jeyda Calloo, who improved her reading age by over three years on her most recent test and Said Abdul Mohamed, who was our most successful quizzer with 35 quizzes passed at 100%.

The Spring term will see rewards for students who exceed their points target in the next half term. Early in the year, parents of year 7 students will be able to log onto the Accelerated Reader website and see their child’s progress. They can also have a look at their bookshelf which items all books read – and the quiz pass rate!

Science Trip to Kings College: Medical Activity Day


During the Medical Activity Day at Kings College, we had the chance of experiencing many clinical skills such as blood collection – using fake blood, cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), abdominal thrusts and taking key information on what to do in a recovery position. It was a very productive experience because it taught me new things, especially on what to do when somebody chokes on food.

I enjoyed every activity that was offered to us, and will certainly encourage younger students to take this advantage in the future.

Done-Helen – Year 10 StudentIMG_0741

X Factor’s Jordan Morris takes the NPCS Stage

On Wednesday 22nd October, X Factor’s Jordan Morris performed to the Year 7 students during period 5. He gave a scintillating performance followed by a photo opportunity and signing session.


Zerda Kaya Year 7: ‘I was screaming and crying with excitement. The best part was his singing, it was really good and I liked his voice. He also told us to believe in ourselves. I learnt that you should always do that.’

Jordan stayed behind for a long time after the event to listen to NPCS students perform and record an acoustic track/interview for the NPCS radio podcast which will be launching in the near future.

The concert was a real success and the students were extremely excited to have met an X Factor contestant.


Brandon Reinoso Year7: ‘It was really good. It is the first time I have seen a famous singer and got a chance to meet them and be in the same room. It motivated me to live up to my dreams.’

Diana Morar Year 7: ‘I was shaking and still with excitement. I liked his voice, it was awesome.’

Hasan Year 7: ‘It was live!’

Mr Blair would like to thank all the staff that helped to facilitate and support the event. It was much appreciated.