Happy National Poetry Day!

Today is National Poetry Day and, this year, the theme is light. There are many types of light and we can interpret light in different ways. Light can be electricity. Light can be comforting. Light can create a mood. Light can cast beautiful shadows. Light can set scenes. Light can inspire and fill you with hope. Light can be magical.File0459

The English department have planned lots of exciting events to celebrate poetry and let poetry shine on NPCS. On Monday the Let Poetry Shine competition was launched. Yesterday, students sparkled in the dark by writing poetry in the time it took for a sparkler to burn down. Today, all English students wrote An Ode to Light at the beginning of their English lessons and we have also had a scavenger hunt based on The Tyger by William Blake. Congratulations to Brandon Reinoso 8V and Yusuf Al-Mubarak 8P who won the quiz. Tomorrow, we will have a Popping Poems event and students will have the opportunity to find a poem in a balloon!
Well done to all the students and teachers who have celebrated poetry with us this week and, remember, let poetry light up your life!

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